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Official Proclamations

Red Ribbon Week ProclamationThe participation of key local government officials can attract attention to your Red Ribbon Week Celebration. One way to involve government officials and agencies is by asking them to sign an official proclamation recognizing your Red Ribbon Week Celebration.

   Having key officials publicly sign a proclamation can show members of your community that local government is committed to improving citizens’ awareness of substance use.

   State governors and legislators, as well as county, city, or town officials, can issue proclamations. To inquire about a local officials interest in issuing a proclamation, write a letter or contact a member of their communications office three to four months in advance to determine the appropriate process.


Publicize Your Proclamation

Once an official expresses interest in issuing a proclamation, there are many ways to publicize it to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Send copies of the proclamation to the “Local” or “Metro” desks of local newspapers.

  • Organize a press conference for the signing of the proclamation.
         - display a poster size enlargement of the proclamation
         - distribute copies of the proclamation to press representatives

  • Display copies of the signed proclamation in the lobbies of public places      – including libraries and government buildings.

  • Scan the proclamation and post it on your organization’s Web site.

Write Your Proclamation

Traditional proclamations begin with a series of clauses starting with the word “Whereas.” The clauses state the issue or problem and suggest reasons why the proclamation is being issued. They are followed by one phrase beginning with “Therefore,” which is the actual declaration and request for specific support.

   Other, more modern wording is acceptable in proclamations, as well. You may wish to ask your local official which style they prefer.


Sample Proclamation (Traditional)

Whereas, cities across America have been plagued by the numerous problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; and

Whereas, there is hope in winning the War on Drugs, and the hope lies in the hard work and determination of our communities to create a drug free environment; and

Whereas, local leaders, in government and in the community, know that the support of the people in the neighborhoods is the most effective tool they can have in their efforts to reduce use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by Texans; and

Whereas, success will not occur overnight, our patience and continued commitment to drug education and prevention are imperative; and

Whereas, the red ribbon was chosen as a symbol commemorating the work of Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, who was murdered in the line of duty and has come to represent the belief that one person CAN make a difference; and

Whereas, the Red Ribbon Campaign was established by Congress in 1988 to promote this belief and encourage a drug-free lifestyle and involvement in drug prevention efforts; and;

Whereas, October 23 - 31, 2007, has been designated National Red Ribbon Week calling on all Americans to show their support for a drug-free state by wearing a red ribbon and participating in drug-free activities during that week:

Now, Therefore. Be It Resolved that I [Name of Public Official, Title], do hereby proclaim October 23 - 31, 2007, as Red Ribbon Week in this [City, State, etc.] and encourage all citizens, businesses, public and private agencies, media, religious and educational institutions to wear and display red ribbons and participate in drug-free activities throughout that week, joining the rest of the state in promoting the Red Ribbon Celebration and a drug-free America.



WHEREAS, [Name] value the health and safety of all our citizens; and;

WHEREAS, substance abuse is particularly damaging to one of our most valuable resources, our children, and a contributing factor in the three leading causes of death for teenagers – accidents, homicides, and suicides; and;

WHEREAS, it is the goal of Red Ribbon Week and [Name] to involve families, schools businesses, churches, law enforcement agencies and service organizations in all aspects of this campaign and establish an atmosphere that supports awareness, education and on-going initiatives to prevent illegal drug use, and;

WHEREAS, the Red Ribbon Week Campaign theme promotes family and individual responsibilities for living healthy, drug-free lifestyles, without illegal drugs or the illegal use of legal drugs, and;

WHEREAS,there are many activities planned during the Red Ribbon Week Campaign in [locale],

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED That I, [Name], serving as [Position] do hereby proclaim October 23rd to 31st 2007 as  “Red Ribbon Week.”


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